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tv   [untitled]    January 14, 2013 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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supporting you in that effort, so hopefully for anybody that is watching we have all established that supervisor olague is a excellent major asset to the city and t progressives and i hope that you continue. thanks. >> next speaker. >> hi. paul kangis again. before the ross mirkarimi vote i didn't know who supervisor olague was and it takes that courage and supervisor that with stood the attack and it's the whole idea being able to speak freely in this city in spite of what the rich think, being able
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to act freely within this city which makes san francisco a city that the whole world looks at and follows and listens to and so even though i'm a critic of cca, simply for scientific reasons, i appreciate the fact that the supervisors did the thinking they did and came to the conclusion they came to because even though the environmental crisis is going to bring huge storms this year beyond the political storms. in fact the environmental storms are probably going to be more powerful than the political storms we will face this year. this city with this free thinking attitude is capable of providing leadership to the whole world, but there needs to
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be all sides involved and this city does that and i thank you supervisor olague for your leadership. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> i would like to thank supervisor olague for her leadership as well and call on the hearing on education and as well as housing. those are two issues that affect african-american community across the country as well as san francisco. i'm -- you know what i do for a living. i'm a homeless advocate. i advocate for homeless people and clifford hoosier has been coming to my center for two years now and a immigrant from sierra leon. if he returns to his home he will be killed. he is requesting asylum here in san francisco. he hasn't gotten s he is not
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here illegal. he's a harvard graduate as well. next year january 31 and i just been coming to city hall to try to get support for him as well, and that's pretty much all i have to sai. i would like him to speak for himself. >> i want to thank the commission for its work. this is my second time appearing at city hall. the first time i had the opportunity again to witness a session like this, and i want to thank everybody. i want to thank supervisor olague. i have read much about the commission work from the examiner, the san francisco examiner. like jamal and my case manager. i see
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supervisor mar and supervisor campos and i have been reading about san francisco and all about its developments on the san francisco examiner which as you know is a free newspaper, and i have been seeing all the work you are doing in my district where i live, bay district and bringing things there and cleaning up the navy yard and affordable housing and like jamal said i am trying to get asylum. i moved into this country in 1996 at harvard university and he is
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my case manager and through his leadership and graciousous and kindness and getting me to places and where i can get some help and so i told jamal. i showed him all my papers and he knew i have a court date on january 31, and i have been living in this country for 16 years. i don't have any criminal record, and will be grateful for your support and i want to say thank you very much and look forward to your support and anything, questions -- thank you very much. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. and i am sure that all of our offices will be
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happy to help in anyway we can. i appreciate it. any other member of the public wish to speak? seeing none public comment is closed. i guess madam clerk if we could call item 10. >> item 10 is adjournment. >> so this adjourns the meeting and i want to wish our staff and everyone here a safe and happy holiday season and i want to thank again the commission and our staff for what i think has been a really successful year for lafco, and happy holidays to everyone. enjoy the holiday. meeting adjourned.
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>> good morning, everyone. just to make sure you know, we're in an international room and i can't think of a more international group of people standing behind me, the work force of our bay area, san francisco, and oakland and others. want to thank everybody for coming here this morning. you know, we have another announcement to make, but it's consistent with the efforts that are being made by the warriors management to work with all of us in the city and to really adapt to the kinds of things that we've all shown as the values of our city. it is so important and is so significant because i remind people, this is a private investment of hundreds of millions of dollars. did i say 5 last week? [laughter] >> i think rick is reminding me it might be north of that a lot
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more. but what it means, what it means to all of us that are not always on top of all the fiscal things that we have, it means a lot of jobs. and this is so important to all of us, is job creation, job sustaining. and, so, we have some great announcements to make and it continues the effort of making these piers 30-32 to be of greater significance than the decaying piers that we have inherited for so many decades. i'm excited that we're continuing this effort to make sure that the warriors move here, that they build arena, and that they have the season of 2017 on the focus with us to begin their presence, to return to san francisco. today we have another landmark announcement to make, and that is that an agreement has been reached with unite here, which represents -- which is local 2, represented by mike casey who is here today. and he'll go into a lot of
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detail with rick welch of the warriors. but generally speaking, not only are we creating jobs, but now we have agreement that these are going to be good-paying jobs because they're going to be union jobs, inside the arena as well as outside the arena. this is important. many of us often talk about labor peace, but i am, i think in these days, talking more about labor confidence and labor happiness because labor peace often says there's a dispute going on. here we're going way beyond dispute. we're actually making some assurances that our people who work the jobs in and outside of the arena will get the respect that they deserve. this is oftentimes -- if we lay that out early, and i think this is what the warriors are doing, they're breeding confidence in our labor force.
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not only do you have peace, but you can have confidence that you can have families around you supported by the jobs that we're creating here because they're going to be union-paying jobs. so, according to the fiscal feasibility report that is now on file officially with our city, we have indicated that there will be over 4300 direct jobs that will be created city-wide as a result of the what r warriors arena being in san francisco. and that is over 2600 that are construction jobs and we announced and went into detail about that last week. but today's announcement has a lot to do more with the over 1700 permanent jobs that will be on in the arena as well as on-site at pier 30-32. the golden state warriors have agreed to a card check neutrality across the entire project site, and this, of course, will guarantee that there will always be a fair process for the employees to
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choose whom they want their representation to reflect. and that's important as well because that breeds confidence in them that they will have a process that will guarantee them the benefits that they have worked very hard to earn. this card neutrality will apply to operations with 15 or more employees in the arena, and any operations on-site but outside the arena having 45 or more employees, this standard will also be applicable to them. it will also apply that should the warriors determine that there be any hotel built as part of this project, regardless of the employee count at that hotel, the card neutrality will extend to that operation of the hotel. this is well beyond what anyone would expect to happen. this is unique. it is purely a privately funded project, as you well realize.
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and that's why there is such a uniqueness to this promise and this agreement between labor and the warriors management. it will be of great benefit not only to san franciscans, the bay area workers throughout the whole region. the golden state warriors will also do something as significant as making sure that all of the current employees at the arena in oakland are extended jobs on this new warriors arena here in san francisco. that is also of great significance. we've oftentimes said, even in our own negotiations with the niners as they moved out, that we wanted to take care of our workers. and similarly with the warriors coming over here, they want to take care of people who have been loyal to them at the oracle arena. and some of them are right here who have worked many years at oracle as well and i think that builds confidence for you that we're dealing with the right people who make the right
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decisions concerning your lives. so, we can't say no to jobs. obviously we say yes to job creation, but we also a big yes to quality jobs, jobs that have security, that have been backed with them for many years. that's why there are so many of the employees here today to represent their support and interestses in the way these decisions are being made. so, i want to just thank mike casey for your efforts, you and your negotiating team because i know you never work alone. [laughter] >> but that you, you have a strong team of people behind you that do make sure that the interests of the work force get taken care of. and then, rick, for you and, of course, you don't work alone either. you have a lot of investors who are focused on what you're attempting to do. and your team has stepped up to the plate. both teams have reached this great agreement with the city
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being, i think, the greatest beneficiary of it all. that we have a satisfied and happy work force for years and years to come that will also be welcome to the whole region of people who want these jobs and make sure that they can take care of their families. so, with that, i'd like to ask mike casey if you want to come up and say a few words on this before -- i'm sorry, rick welch first and then mike casey. >> thank you, mayor lee. it's indeed an honor to be here today. it's a privilege for us. we've been spending a lot of time the last many months describing what it is that we want to build. you know, we want to create a world class sports and entertainment arena, the likes of which san francisco has never had. we want to reclaim piers 30-32 as a wonderful public space, giving back to san francisco and the bay area more than 7 acres of new public open space. we want to create over 100,000
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square feet of retail, that could be restaurants, other retail. but that's not really what we're building. really, what we're building is memories. and i don't know about you, but some of my fondest memories growing up are with my father, going to a sports arena and sharing a few hours of an athletic competition. that became part of our relationship. and i think the people of local 2 led by mike casey and his leadership team, the people you see behind me, they're really the people that are going to be responsible for and creating those memories. and that's something that's going to be shared by citizens of san francisco and the entire bay area for generations to come. so, mayor, we thank you and your staff for the leadership that you've given us every step of the way here. to mike casey, thank you for being a partner and we look forward to working with you in the future. thanks very much.
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>> thank you. come on up, mike. and i know you have others that are with you as well. >> first of all, i want to compliment the warriors on their choice of colors. [laughter] >> happens to be the same colors as local 2, although i think we're a little older organization. i don't know who had the colors first, but in any event, you've got great taste. [laughter] >> so, i wanted to also thank the mayor and his team for really bringing people together and laying this out. it's remarkable the way this whole development is coming together, looking at all the different stakeholders. we were brought in at the very outset. so, mayor lee, i want to really compliment you and thank you for your leadership in this. this really is, as rick said, about building memories. but it's also about building communities and we build communities by establishing jobs that provide people living wage, that really support
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working families. and we're proud that the jobs that our members do in san francisco, whether it happens to be in the hotels or whether it happens to be at the sports arenas like at&t, or whether it happens to be in a restaurant or a private club in this city, our members are able to have fully paid health care for themselves and their families, retirees have health care to look forward to, and we have real pensions that people can at least help support social security. these are important aspects of the jobs that the industries that we represent workers in have provided. and we're grateful that the warriors have done this. but even more importantly because this is important for us, not just because of the jobs that san franciscans will have, but because of the work and the jobs that have been, you know, held by oakland residents for years. and when we asked and talked about workers from the oakland arena being able to have first shot at the jobs over here,
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they were very supportive of that. and i think that speaks a lot about what this project is. it's not just a san francisco project. it's a bay area project. it's a project in which working families throughout the bay area will be able to make a living. so, i just want to thank the warriors for seeing it in those big pictures and big terms. and, mr. mayor, for you to really have the insight and the leadership in bringing everybody together. i'd like to introduce wyling hoover who is our leader in oakland. and after wyling comes up, i'd like johnny stakes who is a worker at the oakland arena and billy who works at the ballpark here to say a couple words. >> hi, wyling from local 50. i must say that we will be sad to see the warriors go and we prefer for them to stay in oakland.
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we're really delighted at how we're being embraced here today and being welcomed into san francisco. on behalf of the over 500 workers who currently work at the oracle arena, a dozen or so like johnny and luz here today who have been there more than 30 years, literally hundreds of them have been there working with the warriors for over 20 years. and, you know, those are good jobs. the warriors have been responsible employers through their various contractors over the years. and we're really delighted to be here today and to, you know, to be part of this historic agreement that's going to, you know, preserve the opportunities that have been so important to our members. they're going to be in good hands if they come over here, when they come over here to be part of local 2. and we're really delighted to be here. thank you.
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>> good morning. my name is johnny stake. i've worked at the oracle arena for over 30 years. i thought it was important that i show up for this meeting, press conference, just to show support for the workers in oakland so that we can continue with our seniority and all of our economic benefits that we currently receive. when the new arena is built over here. a lot of us showed up today. we thought it was extremely important that we be allowed to continue employment in the new arena. >> good morning. my name is billy feliciano. i have worked at the ballpark for over 40 years and my entire family has benefited from the good union jobs at these facilities. both my sons have worked at the ballpark and my sisters worked at the arena. and i'm so glad that hundreds of other individuals will be able to have the same
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opportunities that i have had over the 40 years at being able to work in the hospitality area. thank you. >> thank you, billy. johnny, thank you very much. thank you again for being here as well. so, let's get on with job creation. and i'm going to ask rick and mike to step up here and put their signatures on this agreement. [laughter] >> details. [laughter]
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(applause) >> thank you. >> thank you. >> yes, please. >> [inaudible] the jobs that the oracle arena the job is in now? >> the jobs at the oracle arena right now is oakland, 20 50, they're not here. we have different locals in the east bay and in san francisco. >> same union? >> same union, same international union. and both jobs are union in oakland. * most jobs are union in oakland. >> please talk in the microphone. >> the workers will be given first crack at those jobs. in addition, there are going to be a lot of other jobs. there will be restaurants, possibly hotels the mayor mentioned. and those jobs are also covered
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by the neutrality agreements. >> the mayor was talking about 1700 other jobs, but there were in the employees group, 45 employees outside, a smaller number inside the arena. i'm sure you've done the math because you know some idea. out of those 1700, what is your estimate of how many of them will end up being union jobs? >> well, you it's hard to judge because this is going to be a year round -- i shouldn't speak to this. rick knows better than i. but it's going to be pretty much a year round venue. * so, there are jobs other than just basketball events. there are going to be other catering events, perhaps other, you know, concerts and those types of things. and our agreement extends across the board in the arena itself. and then as the mayor mentioned, if they have smaller operators like a restaurant or
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a little outlet inside, that, anything over 15 people will be union in that event. and then if they have like a larger restaurant or other type of food and beverage operation, anything with 45 workers or more will also be included in the card check agreement. >> and then perhaps you know. what is kind of the ballpark arena average, the average salary of the people who work in -- these are concession jobs. >> it ranges as much as the jobs themselves range. so, you have full-time workers who are employed. you have a lot of part-time workers. i'm sure some of the people represented here are part-time workers who are only working at the game. so, really -- >> [inaudible]. >> my constituent. >> the hourly rate, again, we're not negotiating. [laughter] >> i want to be clear. [laughter]
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>> so, the ballpark -- the ballpark figures right now at the ballpark, the hourly wage for most concession workers is 16.40 an hour. and then that's in addition to that is health care and pensions. but that's to be negotiated, you know, what we do, you know, here in the new arena. >> everyone will be around for individual questions after. thanks for coming. >> thank you. (applause) ...
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